Should I bother writing a blog entry about Balthus?

Some nights ago my boyfriend and I watched The Bling Ring. I took up again something I occasionally do when impressed by a performance. By impressed read absorbed?

I begin to imagine if I could see the actor in a film adaptation of Branwell, as I understood him to be when I was writing and why I wanted to write about him.

Yes, in the case of Israel Broussard.

Before that I was writing about Balthus, who did succeed, drawn to different things.

I went to see the polaroids (155 he took as part of his last study) that are variously arranged and framed, some so you can see what most delights me, around the polaroid’s own image field frame: lipstick? Fingerprints, handling, chalky emulsions) and an unfinished painting, after I went to see the “Cats and Girls” show up at Moma until January 12.

The one I’d buy is the one of the coach dog raised up on hind legs to perch up onto a sill over a vista. You have to dream that one day you’ll have up to $140,000 for such memorabilia, marked moment in time. Or this is maybe just one of the $20,000 ones. I don’t have the checklist in front of me.

Or maybe we can trade. Their people will talk to me? They’ll take the one of me in a tub by another artist?